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What We Do


Ruben’s Roar offers free long and short term support to anyone affected by the tragedy of a bereavement of a child under 16. The team here at Ruben’s Roar are here to help you, all year round with grief and loss.   


Socialising and talking through shared experiences can give you a huge amount of benefits no matter how much you are ready to share. From long distance hikes and walks through stunning scenery to more relaxed occasions, Ruben’s Roar try to put on events to help you throughout the year.

Advice & Guidance

After such a tragedy you can be left feeling lost and unsure what to do next. You can lean on the experience of the friendly team at Ruben’s Roar who can guide and advise you on what you should do next. 


With funding for charities becoming harder to acquire, Ruben’s Roar relies on the charitable nature of the people of Merseyside who are always seeking to help, donate and fundraise with us all year round. Ensuring Ruben’s Roar is helping families all around Merseyside. 


Children’s funerals are kindly paid for by the U.K. Government. However, we understand from personal experience that in bereavement, especially when faced with an unexpected loss other costs may arise. We offer small grants to cover the cost of memorial gifts for low income/financially struggling families. Such as life casting, temporary headstones, memorial jewellery & more.  Please note – We are happy to consider other aspects of immediate support for families from professionals if we are in a position to do so.

Memory Boxes

The team at Ruben’s Roar have created beautifully handcrafted bereavement boxes, which are provided as gifts to bereaved families. They include memorial items such as cuddly bears, candles, a “letters to heaven” book & more. We can also provide, upon request, memorial boxes for siblings or children within the family.These boxes may help children process their loss and provide some comfort in tough times. Please feel free to contact us, should any of the above be required. 

Cuddle Blankets

The cuddle blanket & Neonatal blankets are designed for use of neonates through to older children. These blankets allow families to spend precious time after passing, with their child without the need to visit a mortuary or sit in a cold room. The cuddle blanket & Moses basket is designed so that the child’s favourite quilt cover can be laid over them creating a comforting setting for the family at home or in a setting of the families choice.   Rubén’s Roar have purchased both one neonatal cuddle cot and one cool mini cuddle cot, with the aim of loaning to families/funeral directors/hospitals and hospices available as of the 20/11/21 to support with children’s funeral preparations. We hope that these blankets will enable families, should they wish to share precious moments with their child in a comforting environment before their funeral takes place.   Rubén’s Roar hope to fund more of these in the coming future, & look towards supporting other causes with this equipment in 2022.

A Gift From Rubén

Rubén’s Roar is here to help you through this most difficult of times. Small grants are available to low income families which can help cover the costs of important things such as temporary cast acrylic headstones, life casting of hands and feet, memorial jewelry and other memorial gifts. If you know of anyone in need of our support please do not hesitate to contact us.

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About Us

Who We Are

We are a small CIO founded in the memory of a beautiful little boy Rubén Paul Mckeown. Who passed away suddenly in February 2021. The CIO was founded by Rubéns parents with support from some of Rubéns most loved people. After experiencing the painful loss of their only child, it was decided they would try to give back the same loving support they received upon the loss of Rubén. Ruben’s Roar was an idea that quickly escalated into something more. 

Why We Do It

Spurred on by the love and support we felt in our darkest time. We want to ensure other bereaved families have that opportunity, should they wish it. We are here to provide advice, guidance and support to all affected by the tragedy of a lost child, using our own personal experiences and those of others affected by bereavement. We aim to put our love and compassion back into the Merseyside community. 

How We Help

  • Emotional Support & Signposting for child bereaved families. 
  • Provide bereavement boxes and keepsakes for families.
  • Provide gifted grants to low income families.
  • Offer use of cooling blankets on loan, for any parents wanting to bring their child/baby home to rest in Merseyside.



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